Monday, 29 December 2008

Love hate relationship

The joys of living in such a stunning place are very occasionally overshadowed by the way this country works (or doesn't). Yet again, yes - again, the boat yard have told us that they do not have room for us (a lie), they do not have the manpower to get our boat out (possible, hey, why not give one of yer mates a call and get the manpower, eh?) and we have to phone them back on 9 January (my 38th birthday, as it happens) to "discuss" it. We were hoping to come out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Honestly, it really does beggar belief how crap some things are here. There seems to be this weird macho approach which involves being as obstructive as possible so that when whatever you need actually does happen, you are so immensely grateful that you don't mind paying the ridiculous fee that is charged. It seems that it is "cool" to refuse to offer the service that you supposedly offer. Weird.

I hate to sound all Tory about this, but it does seem that as there is no competition here and there never has been, no one seems to bother trying and it is okay to be completely rubbish at your job. There is no service culture here; something we both love for the most part but when you really do need to get something done, it goes beyond downright fkg annoying.

So we are still on the quay in Kotor and in reality, I'm sure we won't be lifted by the yard for at least another month. Frankly, ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading (and enjoying!) your blog for a while. I can understand your frustrations with the yard in Kotor but from my end of the telescope you seem to be well placed to enjoy 2009 whereas I'm more than a little concerned at the thought of keeping my fourteen employees in work in what is a very tough economic environment - i think i'd rather suffer your frustrations than my worries! Aside from all the aforementioned I wish you all a very Happy New Year and pass my thanks for the window in to your adventure. Rob, Hampshire, UK 18.00hrs 31/12/08

Monty B said...

HI Rob

You are so right and we do know how lucky we are. It is hard to gauge just how bad things are in the UK at the moment as we only have the mainstream media to go by, but what we do know is that we stepped off the treadmill at just the right time. I hope you manage to stay afloat and keep your employees in a job, and thank you for your comments about the blog - always welcome! Srecna Nova Godina! Katie X