Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Queen of the Quitters

Our significant decision to whittle down our businesses from two to one is a good one. We have all (us plus T & L) decided to wind up our yacht guardiennage business, despite its success, for some very solid reasons.

That naughty little thrill, which I've always loved so much, of quitting something and its resultant taste of freedom has been tinged with a gut nag that we've chosen a pathway at a crossroads in our life. The business had great potential, and if we'd been in a different position and of different mindset, it was a lucrative pathway that couldd have taken us, after many yeras of determined slog and empire building, to a financially comfortable and stable middle/later age.

But thankfully we've listened to our (my) own mantra of "life is too damned short".

Sometimes, especially when surrounded by the verve and money of Porto Montenegro, it is easy to be sucked back into the status-anxiety inducing world, where you can use terms like "MY business partners", "MY lawyer" or "MY accountant". It gives you a small thrill the first time you do it - it all sounds so.....grown up.

But then the reality of being tied to something which requires you to be available and in situ 24/7, 365 days a year starts to kick in and you remind yourself that these exciting new grown-up concepts in your life are no more desirable that the ones you, quite rightly, saw through and spurned all those years ago - salary, performance targets, promotion, pension, mortgage advisor, financial advisor blah blah blah.

We live on Monty B. We have a fantastic business which we love called A Day out on Monty B. It provides us with everything that we could want, particularly the fulfillment of working hard on something you enjoy.

And now we have the freedom of spending the other 6 months of the year (half our lives!) - that's 26 weeks a year - doing interesting and rewarding stuff, wherever or whatever that may be.

Anytime that the spectre of our own future financial security raises its troublesome head, remember that you never know what is around the corner and the enjoyment of living in the present is the most precious thing.