Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Is it Pammy or Timmy? Who can tell.

We were a tad surprised yesterday when a boat anchored (a bit too) close to us at one of our favourite swimming spots and Pamela Anderson started prancing around on deck in a tiny sparkly bikini. A double-take was necessary - was this Tim in fancy dress? But no, it was the chestistically inflated scrap of a woman herself.

The bodyguards were quite exciting, with their sinister shades and bumps in their trousers (their holsters, I can only presume). The funniest bit of the whole episode was watching the diminutive Pammy attempting to swim, whilst being almost suffocated by her enormous floating breasts.
ps. this is Tim's re-enactment of his best fancy dress costume of all time, where he went as Pamela Anderson to a White Trash party.
pps the sleeping person in the dog suit happens to be yours truly.