Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Letters from Sarajevo 4 - An hour of fun for only 50 cents: Avaz Twist Tower

This is the view looking West of the city. The towerblocked area is where we have been living.
Our only mild hangover of the entire month spent in Sarajevo was blown away by a visit to the Avaz Twist Tower, the highest skyscraper in the Balkans. For just 1 Mark (50 cents) you can whizz all the way to the top of this tower in a glass lift which clings to the outside of the building. The speed at which the view reveals itself takes your breath away and blows away the hangover.  Result.
You can see from these pics how Sarajevo is positioned in a natural "bowl", surrounded by mountains on three sides. Beautiful but deadly.

The spirit of Sarajevo.