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Some added stability to an uncertain sort of life

Around the time of my 42nd birthday, I spent (I think) 4 days straight all alone. I decided this could possibly be a first for me, in my entire life, to have spent that much time alone without spending time with anyone at all. I used to live alone, I've travelled alone for months on end since I was 25 years old - but I was never actually alone. Anyway, on this particular occasion - which was now 3 years ago - I used my time thinking about the future and, though I hate to admit, where I wanted to be in 20 years time (and there's you thinking I'd use that time all alone to do something deep and meaningful - pah!).

Spurred on by a conversation about the reality of now and our futures (with now ex-Montenegro Mary), I put together a spreadsheet called Project 52 with ideas of how we could continue with this wonderful boaty seasonal-working life that we have as we got older - and if we couldn't, then how the hell were we going to afford to live. Memories from the 1980s of ol…

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