Saturday, 16 January 2010

Been and done

So, here's the long awaited and quite dull list of what we've been up to over the past few months.

Ahh gawd, I can't write this. It's just too dull. What we've done isn't dull; but writing about it is.

I must write when the moment is fresh. From now on, I will do so. Plus Tim has woken up so I now have this continuous noise in the background which unfortunately I sparked off by having a fit about banker's bonuses (the banks upping their bonuses so that "ordinary" people in effect pay the additional tax that these elite superbeings were supposed to be paying on their obscene chunks of cash). And now I've set him off, chuntering on and on and on.

Grrr, in a nutshell:

- we managed to stay on the boat until early December due to a late winter, and the worst of the wet weather being spent away on our honeymoon and using our friend's flat in Kotor Old Town (gorgeous).

- now living in a luxury pad, housesitting for 3 months, in a tiny fishing village called Bigova. It is true luxury living, overlooking a cove and the open sea so we are still close enough to the elements. And it's well off the beaten track, no light pollution so psychedelic, starry skies and the best night's sleep in years. Great dog walk to a lighthouse on a rocky peninsula, straight from the house. Dreamy.

- cracking on with Monty B's continual maintenance/upgrading (ahem) - yeh, maintenance is probably a better word. But after a few weeks of ridiculously warm weather (17 degrees at night on one occasion, weird shit), it is now set fair with a big high pressure system sitting over us for a week already, forecast another week so cold but crystal clear and warm in the sun.

- helping mates with some boat guardiennage in the marina so getting some more pennies in and keeping busy.

I have to say, living on the coast rather than in Kotor Bay has utterly changed our experience of Montenegro in winter. We now live just out of the mountain belt, though still have great views of them. So we watch the weather come in but it somehow misses us and we remain bathed in a little warm, sunny bubble whilst the maelstroms pound the bay.

The dogs are fine too, now Louis has got used to living in a large, multi-floored, echoey house with a TV and washing machine. The sounds of which were all terrifying for a while.

The one thing we haven't done for ages is go sailing. So we are making the most of the Bura blowing (that strong, clean, cold NE wind that I've gone on about in so many posts) and the sunshine and we are off out for some freezing cold sailing today with mates. Our friends Marjan and Cecille are going to attempt to race us in their spanking Hanse 54 (it is Marjan who formerly referred to Monty B as a "nostalgia boat" and "old timer's boat" but had to eat his words when we beat him in the Stevova Regatta). He is back looking for glory and we are hungry for a repeat victory so watch this space. He is already making excuses for a potentially embarrasing defeat by mentioning his 6-month pregnant wife (Cecille) and 2 year old child as crew. We have seen his pregnant wife by adding one of our own (Laura) and raised him THREE dogs. No two year olds allowed on our boat though, they are officially banned.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Montenegro earth tremor

No time like the present, I keep telling myself. How many times have I written a blog entry in my head? I'm being nagged to watch "Sharpe's Challenge" - Sean Bean in tight trousers - so can't stay long. So here's a synopsis of the last 10 posts that I haven't written:

(this is as far as that post got) It is now a week later and I am up at 7am due to earth tremors. Around 5.30am, I woke up with the bed shifting and shaking, instantly thinking it was an earthquake. But it was just Tim finally submitting to his (rare nowadays) insomnia and getting up.

Then weirdly enough, an hour or so later, I was awoken by what I thought was Tim getting back into bed. But there was no one there. Assumed it was a dream and went back to sleep.

Was rudely awoken 30 minutes later by an undeniable continuous shaking of the bed, this time I jumped up and out of the room to find Tim legging up the stairs to find me. So it wasn't my imagination (the second and third time), it was an earth tremor.

So I got up, dressed (can't be made homeless without a bra on) and made our escape plan should something more significant happen. But it hasn't and both Tim and our early warning system, Louis, have finally dropped off to sleep on the settee.

So for once, I have enough peace and quiet to commit my thoughts to paper. And I've been reading about the Haitian earthquake and imagining what the hot, hungry person who sent the text message from inside a collapsed building (having been under the rubble for 5 days) must be thinking and feeling right now.