Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Easy to please

I've taken to baking cakes. Not for myself, I add, but in an attempt to plump up my friend Birgitte who is lucky enough to need huge amounts of calories to aid her breast-feeding of twins.

Spurred on by my first effort - an almost impossible to fuck-up carrot cake - this time I have made up the recipe for a coffee sponge. Made up as I cannot find one on the internet which matches the ingredients that I have in the kitchen so I have improvised.

So, who is easy to please? Our Tim, of course. My culinary improvisation included spooning out a hefty amount of sugar and sunflower oil from the mixing bowl as things began to drown in it, and putting it in a bowl on the side to be washed down the sink later. "Wow, that's delicious!" announces Tim, as he sticks his paw in it and sucks off the rancid sugary, oily ming. The end result may not meet the taste test of a leggy, Danish blonde but I have a feeling it won't go to waste.

Along similar lines, well, it's related to eating at least. I think we've been in the Balkans too long as yesterday I made the bold statement, "The cabbage is really GREAT at the moment - we must do more with it". Hmmmm. Vegetarian diet in a strictly carnivorous, locally-produced food only (mountainous) country getting a little tedious, dear?

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good to see you having a gr8 time...

here is wishing you the merriest christmas and a happy prosperous new year