Monday, 31 December 2007

Photos of journey to Montenegro and Kotor

To demonstrate that we got here in one piece:


Lille Bee said...

So glad you made it up to Kotor (relatively) safely and in one piece! The place looks stunning, we look forward to reading all about your Season in Montenegro!
Happy New Year & keep blogging!

Rich Edge said...

Well you're still not doing things by halves are you? Tell Tim that Craig mentioned him at the Christmas 'do' in the roll call of dearly departed from Confetti. Everyone had a brief moment of jealousy, until I pointed out that you appear to be dodging death by a hair's breadth on a daily basis.

Take it easy.... :)

Gareth said...

Holy Christ, get a publisher now, this really is nail-biting stuff! And if you need an editor... Gx