Monday, 10 November 2008

Driving home for christmas - or not as the case may be

"We want a lift to the UK too!"

As I look at the staggeringly beautiful view from where I sit at my desk in the apartment, I wonder why I want to go home. But I do - only for a few weeks, I emphasise - but I need to see my friends. It will have been 18 months since we left the UK, come christmas, and it has come to the point that I feel a strong need to see the people I love.

One of my very best friends has a child that I have never seen, two others now have three children, the youngest of whom I don't even know. Another pair now have a little girl who was only a baby when we left. I must be getting old; but seeing my friends' children grow up has become important to me.

Plus, there are several others who I care about dearly and miss - I want to spend some valuable time with them.

Tim hasn't seen any of his family since we left and is unlikely to unless we return to the UK. Time is ticking.

But, our lift home at christmas has fallen through so we are now unable to get back. We have to do it by road because of the dogs but my car won't make it back there and it's a long way for a single driver anyway. Plus the costs, unless split, make no sense. there anyone driving from the Balkans to the UK for christmas that would like to lift share?? We could even get ourselves to Italy if needs be. If so, please email me or ring 00382 67859309. HELP!!!

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