Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hauling a boat here is like pulling teeth (at the moment, I'd recommend doing neither in Montenegro)

This is the great moody view of the mountains from our apartment, on those rare stormy days.

We still haven't got the boat out of water. We are paralysed by having to rely on locals to help and our own need to keep costs within budget. We've decided that if it isn't sorted by the weekend (at least an agreed plan with a boatyard) then we are just going to have to go to Tivat and pay stupid money.

We spent the night on the boat last night as the winds were so strong - a big Bura blow was building up when we got back from work and we were worried. As always, we were solid as a rock and didn't budge an inch but the sleepless night kinda focuses the mind! Despite the cold, the wind, the awful noise (I tried to sleep in the saloon in my sleeping bag as the slamming in our cabin left it impossible to sleep - it's a bit like a ferry slamming into the boat every few minutes which, strangely enough, makes you jump out of your skin even though you know it is just the waves and it's okay), it was still good to be back on board.

But I'm zonked. Had next to no sleep at all - though Tim a bigger zombie than me and is making no sense today whatsover which is partly why I elected to go home and walk the dogs instead of work with him earlier! Back to looking pale, tired and old - wow, it's only taken one night! I was looking so much better too - so much more alive and bright from having sooo many good night's sleep in my new bed. It was good to be with Monty B and there was no way we could have relaxed back at the apartment - living on land is nowhere near as interesting or stimulating - which are the things I really need to keep me perky. We just need to get our bed extended on board then living aboard for at least 9 months of year would be a pleasure!

Check out the temperatures here for later this week - brrrrrrrr! Looks like winter is finally making an appearance.


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