Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Foggy mornings get me out of bed

The water is so still at the moment, it is so silent it feels like I have cotton wool in my ears. It is a weird sensation being on the water when there is not a breath of wind, not a ripple. Your body still knows it is in something that is floating, so you feel a little floaty yourself but in any other way, you could be in a house.

The high pressure system we are under at the moment is causing the bay to be enveloped in thick fog every morning. If the sound of cruise liners sounding their fog horns doesn't wake me, the earthy, primeval smell of fog drifts in through the cabin hatch and like a child, I wake up immediately, throw on my fleecy clothes and stick my head up on deck. It has been the same every day for over a week but the damp, white mornings remain a thing of wonder.

I paddled out in Billy the other morning, slowly dipping the paddle into the perfectly still water, just sat still and breathed it all in.
In a few weeks time we will be taking Monty B out of the water for the winter. It is times like this that I will miss.
I won't miss having a wet bum every morning though (from the dew on Billy's sides, nothing more exciting than that!).

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