Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Boat separation anxiety

After 14 months of living aboard Monty B, we moved onto dry land yesterday. Just in the nick of time too as the weather has now turned. An angry low is passing overhead, the wind is howling (well, no, it's rustling now we are on land) and waves are kicking up like crazy across the Boka. I think we've squeezed all we can out of the summer - we've been at anchor for 6 months which isn't bad going.

We are in a lovely apartment in Prcanj, very kindly rented to us by our very first customers on a Day out on Monty B who immediately became friends. The deal is, we have the apartment over winter, they get free sailing when they come out here. How good is that? The perfect non-capitalist approach to getting what you need in life - 'tis a pity Niksic brewery doesn't operate on similar lines.

The novelty of space, two sofas, a huge bed, unlimited water, hot water will take a while to wear off. We have a fantastic sea and mountain view too, we are just one row back from the water so I still get my fix every day.

It is just goddamned weird NOT being on the boat. The world doesn't rock and it's so quiet - and easy. Which works both ways and at the moment, with forecast winds of F7/8 across the Adriatic, I am glad to be on land. I just need to go and check on Monty B - she is all alone, on a punta down the road, being blown about with no one to look after her. The sooner we get her hauled out, the better - then I can stop worrying............. must go.


Gareth said...

When my Dad left the navy, he couldn't get used to land-living for a good while. Not being used to wardrobes and a selection of things to wear, he would always wash his clothes in the sink at the end of each day. This he did even on his wedding night! GG

sadax said...

Hello. You have nice blog.

Monty B said...

nice one, sadax.

As for washing you pants in the sink, I always did that anyway!