Tuesday, 30 September 2008

An impromptu holiday and rain a comin'

This was sunset on one of our new dog walks, on Vramac ridge, the other night.

We ended up in Herceg Novi this weekend on a joint mission to attend a volunteers' meeting for the Adventure Race http://www.adventureracemontenegro.com/ and cheer up our mate, Danny, who needed a bit of tlc aboard Monty B. Liquid refreshment included.

After a few drops of rain, little wind and some medicinal Skovin rose, we arrived in HN harbour. The combination of a cross-wind, a strange current, limited space to manoeuvre and an over-excitable/extremely annoying harbour master made for an interesting half an hour, culminating in the harbour master pulling in a line so hard that our bow swung into the quay and I had to leap off to hold the boat off. Fkg idiot (him, not me!).

Tim was our representative at the meeting as Danny and I watched the world go by, and downed more rose. He returned with the news that we are on the "Water Team". We are going to follow the kayak section of the race in Monty B, being support. So there may be some legs needing massages after all! (I had volunteered myself as resident masseur).

Steve and Denise turned up and an impromptu evening of boozing and fun ensued, including a full-on restaurant meal delivered and served up on deck. The resident vegetarians ate the chips.


Spent a second night in HN with Danny; it really did feel like a holiday and she finally de-stressed and got some sleep. Since returning to our anchorage in Sveti Stasije, we've been prepping the boat for the forecast heavy rains and storms later this week. Up to piggin elbows in acetone and sikaflex today, resealing port lights and making a right mess of re-caulking the missing bits on the deck (one of the dogs, I suspect Louis, likes picking the deck caulking and pulling off lengths of it). Well actually, it wasn't that much of a mess until timmy very helpfully stood on the roped off part of the deck, plonking his size 11 across the sikalflex, and whilst being yelled at put his foot down twice, treading it's black stickiness all over the teak. Apparently that was my fault for not making the bit I'd done obvious enough - ropes and propped up cockpit cushions, creating a little cage, were clearly not obvious enough.

It's very quiet tonight, very quiet indeed. Not a flutter of wind or a ripple on the water. Quite spooky.

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