Friday, 5 September 2008

A new anchorage, gangsters and a weird coincidence

We found a new place to anchor - this is the view at sunset - absolutely gorgeous place. The first night we anchored there, we had a view of the forest fires across Lovcen NP. The fires looked like lava, streaming down the mountainside. Monstrous but hypnotising.
Unfortunately, the last time we were there, we took some people with us for a trip onto the island (it is prohibited) and got ourselves into a bit of bother with a man claiming to be security, his three (harmless) dogs that John saw off in an instant and a couple of goons in a powerboat (the most sinister element, with mobiles and dark glasses). The group of people we had with us consisted primarily of feisty females who were having none of it so our departure was not as rapid as it should have been (I remained on Monty B, circling nervously, the only person to have a bird's eye view of the entire situation but it was like watching a silent movie as I couldn't work out what was being said and could only judge how dangerous it was by body language). The island goon couldn't have looked dodgier if he'd tried; one eye and two fingers missing.

Suffice to say, we haven't returned, which is a real shame as it was the most peaceful spot we had found here up to now. We are a little too easily recognisable around here.


Last night I had a call from one of my very best friends, Gus. She has returned to work yesterday after her maternity leave and term time looming (she lectures at Nottingham Trent). Her manager was showing her a CD of holiday photos, from her recent holiday in Montenegro. She had spent a day out on a boat in the Boka. A double take by Gus as a photo of two white dogs appeared, then complete shock as the next photo was of me! Yes, my best mate's boss had spent the day on our boat! How bloody mad is that?? I can't quite get over it.

Proving what a small world it really is and how you should never do anything you need to escape from as you will always be found!

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