Friday, 12 October 2007

Life at anchor 1 - Our first storm

I had a great little piece to put in here which I wrote on day 8 when we (rather prematurely) experienced our first storm while we were at anchor. It described at first hand what it felt like to be spinning around in a creaking, 19 ton boat, pinned to the seabed by an anchor which we suspected may not be holding us. As our perspective on the shore continually changed as we spun, I tried to take bearings to satisfy myself that we were not actually dragging anchor, simply spinning on a pin. The continual butterflies in the stomach, then occasional lurch as an unexplained thud or huge creak emanated from above or below, was only relieved by the amusement of watching Tim spending the day attempting to unblock the heads for the second time in a week (a blockage due to stupidly flushing dog poo wrapped in kitchen paper down them – one of Louis’s nocturnal offerings – it was Tim’s idea so he had to unblock it – fair enough I reckon). The only other relief was found in comforting the terrified dogs everytime the thunder split open the sky.

However, I lost everything I wrote due to f**king Vista ballsing up my laptop to the point I had to reinstall the operating system and wiped it all clean. So the above synopsis is all you get.

With hindsight, it was actually all quite exciting and we were completely safe – it was just quite unnerving at that point in the learning process. This is only the beginning.

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Gareth said...

This is really terrible. Not the storm, not the dog poo. You'll both get used to the storms, it's all good experience, and dog poo is only dog poo. Have you ever seen BABY POO up close? Nasty.

No, the awful thing is that you're stuck with Vista. I would load up Windows 98SE if I were you - or, better, buy a Mac. Our lives have changed since we got a Mac. Now, I think computers are great fun, rather than just a continuous frustrating endless hassle. Just found freeware 'NeoOffice' which opens and saves Word documents beautifully without any Microsoft interference. What these creative arty types have been telling us for years about Macs is all true!

For Vista laughs, try this: