Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Does anyone want my car?

I've got to get rid of my car. Does anyone fancy coming over to Greece to get it? I can only keep it in Greece until February and I want it to go to a worthy home - it's a great car, only has 60K on the clock and has never gone wrong.

I'm putting up some posters in Nidri to see if anyone returning to the UK wants it but I'd rather it go to one of my mates if possible.

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Richard Edge said...

Wow - so many updates since I last checked in on you guys. Sounds truly amazing still. Although it does sound like trying to actually live in something with more issues and peculiarities than my 35 year old VW van!

Re the car - if it was a nice VW I might come and get it - not a Nissan though...

Why don't you trade it with someone for something?

Anyways - keep safe and keep chilled..