Monday, 12 July 2010

Payback time

For most of May, we had a temporary crew member, Sam Pink Hair (who no longer has pink hair). This is how Sam ended up on our boat:

Back in the crazy days of 2006, whilst at an outdoor party near Nottingham, I split my trousers right across the backside, exposing bits I really didn't want to show. We were in the middle of nowhere and I was in big trouble, not wanting to spend the remaining x amount of hours with my bottom showing. I spotted a pink-haired young lass who had both a skirt and trousers, begging her to lend me her trousers, with the persuasive "I promise I will make this worth your while". She eventually conceded despite needing both items (she has a generous nature, i later learned).

Our paths crossed again months later and we became friends of sorts (and I returned her jeans together with a pack of vegan ginger biscuits and a bottle of plonk). There was a part of me that I recognised in Sam and I really hoped she didn't spend the remaining years of her 20's being a total waster and instead, follow her desire to sail the seven seas (starting with the ARC).

So, one thing led to another and as she isn't a total waster, she finally made it to Montenegro and I got pay her back for lending me her jeans.

It was a useful experience for us, sharing Monty B, as previously we had only had people stay for a couple of days. And it really worked - it was great. Though she is a very easy person to have around and share space with . It did make me realise quite how bonkers I can be at times though, and in turn has made me sort it out a bit. She left to join a yacht in Corfu that she found on the internet for new adventures. I was actually quite jealous which I know is totally crazy as of course, in reality, having my own yacht is infinitely better than sailing someone elses (which I have had proved this week, but more of later).

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