Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fantasy life aboard a yacht

When I’m away from Monty B, I spend a lot of time day-dreaming about what I could be doing if I was on the boat. These day dreams usually involve heroic passages in unexplored waters, helming the boat with a grin on my face through heavy seas or laughing heartily with some welcoming locals as I buy sumptious fresh mangos. They don’t normally involve sitting with my head in my hands, eyes cast skyward whilst teaming rain turns the hatches ablur, or shouting “Fking god almighty” as the shower bilge pump decides not to work whilst you’re soaking wet and cold, dressed only in a damp towel, or feeling claustrophobic when someone stands too close to you in the galley. That desire to go adventuring, to be brave, seems to gnaw away at me a hell of a lot more when I am not on the boat.

But fantasy may become reality this spring, April to be exact, when we plan to depart our berth in Tivat and head south. The idea being we can spend April and some of May doing some much needed cruising, rid us of the Bogeyman that is the passage from Greece to Montenegro, pick up spares in Greece and try to get some springtime rays a little earlier in the season than they arrive in Montenegro.

And adventures abound. I need adventures. That’s what it’s all about, is it not? Even if they scare you witless.

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