Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A feat complete

The lack of posts is indicative of how busy we've been but against the odds, we managed to put the insides of Monty B back together, move out of one flat and spring clean it, redecorate the previous flat and squeeze our stuff (which has somehow expanded at an exponential rate over the winter) into a 30 square metre space in some kind of organised fashion. We've also managed to fit in a 3 day holiday in Croatia (mate Danny's birthday spent in luxury villa near Dubrovnik) and a weekend trip to take in silent, unspoilt beauty of Skadar Lake (hosted by our Skadar resident pals, Ben and Emma). More of in another post.

There is still shed-loads to do and this week's plans have just been scuppered by the arrival of a nasty low pressure system with accompanying rain and wind.

We are currently on anchor in Muo, opposite Kotor Old Town, swinging around like crazy and being buffeted by harsh, gusting SE winds. We've been on out on anchor for nearly two weeks and it has been pleasantly calm. I'd forgotten what this felt like (and so had Louis, who is quivering on our bed being comforted by a sick Tim - sick in that he has been stung by one of Montenegro's evil bees which floor you for a few days). All very refreshing and .... elemental.

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