Friday, 20 March 2009

What they give with one hand

So, we get up bright and early, full of enthusiasm for our first day of work on the boat now she is out of the water.

For starters, I'd left my car in Dobrota a few days before so off we trekked - to find it with a flat battery. Grrr. Friends came to help and we were back on the road within the hour but it wasn't a great portent for the day ahead. A lurking feeling started in my stomach.

We arrived at the boatyard, excitedly trying to spot Monty B on her new cradle. But she was nowhere to be found......or was she? Wasn't that a North Wind ketch, swinging from a mooring buoy near the boat yard.

Yes! Of course it bloody was.

After all that, crew and all, a seemless entry into the dock and problem-free lift, they had decided to put her back in the water while they "made some space" in the boatyard.

We left them to their own devices with a promise that they would take her out later that day.

We rang them this morning. Monty B is still on the mooring buoy.


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