Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Hold on to your bar stools Part II


Unbelievable but true. And despite the ton or so of mussels growing on her bottom, she is looking pretty good.
But we are avoiding the boatyard today as we left Monty hanging in the sling yesterday as the cradle she is meant to be going on, has been taken by a salvaged yacht that was washed up in Budva last week ,after sailing itself back from the Italian coast in a storm.

They grunted something about swapping our boat with another blah blah, quite how they are going to do it with only one travel lift and no spare cradle I don't know. So instead of bearing witness to their Balkan shennanigans, we are staying at home, nursing our hangovers and hoping that by tomorrow, Monty B will miraculously be sitting pretty on a cradle.

We are being charitable at this hungover moment in time.
We are still in shock that SOMETHING has actually happened. Are we really still in Montenegro? Or is this just some strange dream?
It all went like clockwork too and we had great crew: Laura, Ben and Emma. Cheers all.

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