Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Bee and The Spider

Last night I saw what I thought was a dead bee lying on the tiled floor of the hallway. Thinking that the dogs may try to eat it, I bent down to pick it up and throw it outside.

As I gingerly held it, between finger and thumb, its body suddenly jolted and I instantly dropped it in shock only to then watch, appalled, as the bee's head sprouted legs and walked away!

What the f**k???

Incredulous, I bent closer still to then recoil in utter horror as I realised the walking bee's head was actually a huge spider. The spider that had been eating the dead bee. Total horror show.

And these are the things I see when I'm NOT drinking.

This would be a weird enough sight had it not been for another incident, several years ago in the far north of Queensland, Australia. I was sat upon a log in the jungle, having a relaxing smoke with the strange little fella that had offered to take me trekking for the day. As I was getting mightily chilled out and possibly a little too much so for the middle of the jungle, I was pinned to the log with outright fear as a gigantic hairy Aussie-style jungle spider appeared to be levitating through the air whilst buzzing loudly and aiming for my outstretched bare leg.

A few seconds of paralysis then the adrenalin kicked in and I jumped up just in time for the spider to land neatly on the log where I had been sat. It was so massive you could clearly see its eyes and it continued to buzz incessently. You know that feeling when what you are witnessing/hearing is so utterly unexpected that you feel faint and life takes on a dream-like patina? Well, it was like that for what seemed like a minute or so until I started to understand what was going on. The spider was dead (thank god) and it was being carried/dragged by wasps into a position where they could start to devour it.

And joined by swarms of ants, they duly did. I took photographs of the spider's rapidly shrinking body as the tiny inhabitants of the jungle log set about destroying it, leaving little more than its head.

So yesterday was a strange turn of events. Surely this all means something, though I'm buggered if I know what.

I do have the photos of the spider destruction but have just discovered that our Seagate external hard-drive, despite only being used as a 6-montly backup for our computer so hardly ever used, has died, taking with it ten years of my photographs. I am yet to accept that this is true. Don't ever buy one of these, they are total shit.


Den said...

Can't believe you've never seen one of these bee-eating spiders before in Monte!! Think they eat wasps too... Nature's cruel eh? Gutted for you about your shit drive... 10 years of photos. OMG. Hope that weird headache went away. XX

daveyw said...

Have you tried a solid state drive? No moving bits.