Sunday, 31 May 2009

Dog mungus

I’ve decided to get my arse into gear and write a blog entry every week as of today. When we are busy, and rain is rare, it is difficult to find the time to commit to something so sedentary as even our days off at the moment seem to involve constant activity. I’m not complaining; not for a moment. Things are GREAT.

I think I’ve found writing the blog difficult since John’s demise, knowing that one of these days I really should change the title of my blog and update the profile, so that John is no longer “current” – but every time I go to do it, it makes me so sad I find something else to do.

But we have so much to report and the summer is already zooming along without record, so I need to start writing more regularly.

And I guess the first and most important bit of news is that we have a new dog. She is a diminutive blonde with a naughty gleam in her eye. Part corgi, part ferret or something like that, she is one of a kind. Prior to living on our boat, her home was outside the Pantomarket in Tivat (a half-decent supermarket), where she had stared meaningfully into shoppers eyes in exchange for cheap food. We’ve named her Mollie.

She has adapted to boat life amazingly well, apart from the occasional break for freedom during week one (one of which involved her jumping off the boat and swimming across the harbour). I think after spending the first two years of her life doing exactly what she liked, it took a bit of adjustment to being told what to do (I can relate to that). But she quickly realised which side her bread was buttered and she is now utterly devoted (to everyone who comes on the boat).

Erm, lots more to tell. Another post.

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