Saturday, 23 August 2008

"Live music is over-rated"

11 August 2008
To quote Tim, the only person I have ever met that doesn't like music. But even he had to concede that Dave Clarke is a TECHNO GOD! Last week, for the first time since our arrival, Kotor's nightlife genuinely had something to offer. The four day Re Fresh festival was supposed to kick off with Darren Emerson waking up the dancefloor of Disko Maximus (the only club in the world which has tables on the dancefloor which people stand around, looking miserable whilst watching the DJ. Sadly, Emerson couldn't make it and was replaced by guys that played great techno but couldn't be described as Djs. However, a top night was had and I made it to bed around midday. On Saturday night the crowd at Maximus were just as impressed to see Timmy turn up at a nightclub as to discover what Djing actually means. I had forgotten what a good DJ sounds like – Dave Clarke was just such a cut above anything I have heard for so long. It reminded me of those heady techno-fuelled nights of the mid 90's, where you could find a full-on quality night most weekends. What happened to all of that? For a long time I had been thinking that I'd just tired of the same buzz but I now realise it is because that style of techno just isn't played any more in the UK and nothing else really does it for me. There are definitely some advantages to being in a country where the music scene is ten years behind.

No point getting too excited though as there will be many more nights of utter shite before something that good comes along again.

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Paul C said...

Apparently Sharaam from Deep Dish made the last night the best night - and of course I bottled it and took the entire Sunday easy. UNBELIEVABLE.

On the other hand, the first three nights were all banging, so no complaints. Now it's the winter, we need to find some other festivals to get to.