Tuesday, 14 August 2007

αντίο - or farewell

Well kids, the day has finally come - or almost. We leave for Dover tomorrow (Wednesday).

Currently sat amidst piles of boxes, my computer on overdrive copying years of photographic and musical memories from one whirring disc to another, my mind doing something similar.

The plumber has just left, having mended all the leaks which have been plaguing the house for donkey's years and the pigeons have finally moved out of the loft.

Leaving always feels strange. This is the third time I've left Nottingham with the aim of never returning but this time it is different. My previous attempt at leaving was called "The No Plan Plan" which says it all really. This time we have a plan - admittedly it could be called the "No idea what is going to happen Plan" but I prefer to think of it as the start of an incredible adventure with my partner and furry things at my side.

So, with almost all of our goodbyes complete, we are ready to bid a final farewell to the very special house that is Addison Street. The place has inspired so much love and laughter over the years for everyone in our friendship family - and without which, we may never have found each other and turned an inspired fantasy into reality.

Thank you everyone, friends and family - you will all be missed terribly (oooh, I felt a twinge of emotion then - it must be a big thing!). We love you all.

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